Full-Screen Map

By pressing the full-screen map key (by default, the J key), you can open the full-screen map.

Full-screen example

The full-screen map is a scrollable, customisable view of everything you’ve explored in your world so far. It provides access to a myriad of options which will be covered below, but you can also customize it in the full-screen settings.

Basic Usage

Once you have the full-screen map open, you can scroll and zoom, or use the buttons around the edge of the screen to change various options and access different parts of the mod, including the settings. Here are the basic controls:

  • Click and drag the map to scroll around
  • Use the mouse wheel to change the zoom level
  • Double-click on a block to create a waypoint

The following keybinds are available, and they may be changed in Minecraft’s options:

  • C Copy the coordinates of the block your cursor is pointing at to the chat box
  • B Create a waypoint at the block your cursor is pointing at
  • O Open JourneyMap’s settings manager
  • 🡐 🡒 🡑 🡓 Scroll the map 16 blocks in each direction


Around the edge of the full-screen map is a set of buttons, which you can use to customize the full-screen map view and access other areas of the mod. Icons can differ between themes; the below icons come from the themes that are bundled with JourneyMap.

Top Buttons

../../_images/day.png Switch the map to day mode. ../../_images/night.png Switch the map to night mode.
../../_images/topo.png Switch the map to topographical mode. ../../_images/caves.png Switch the map to cave mode.
../../_images/layers.png Switch between layers when in cave mode.
../../_images/monsters.png Toggle visibility of monsters. ../../_images/animals.png Toggle visibility of animals.
../../_images/pets.png Toggle visibility of pets. ../../_images/villagers.png Toggle visibility of villagers.
../../_images/players.png Toggle visibility of other players.
../../_images/grid.png Toggle visibility of the grid. Hold Shift and click to change the grid settings. ../../_images/keys.png Toggle visibility of the keybinds.

Upper-Right Buttons

../../_images/close.png Close the full-screen map. ../../_images/alert.png Get the latest version of JourneyMap.

Left Buttons

../../_images/search.png Open the location finder. ../../_images/follow.png Center the map on your character.
../../_images/zoomin.png Zoom in. ../../_images/zoomout.png Zoom out.

Bottom Buttons

../../_images/waypoints.png Open the waypoint manager. ../../_images/options.png Open the settings manager
../../_images/about.png Open the About screen. ../../_images/browser.png Open the Webmap, if enabled.
../../_images/theme.png Cycle through the available themes. ../../_images/reset.png Reset the colour palette.
../../_images/delete.png Delete the map in one or more dimensions. ../../_images/savemap.png Save the whole map to a file.
../../_images/automap.png Map the explored world, in single-player. ../../_images/disable.png Toggle mapping on and off.